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Covina, California, can get with more DIRECTV over cable TV

Change your TV-watching habits for the better. With DIRECTV, you get all your favorite movies, unique television shows and intensive sports coverage, as well as a more convenient way to watch it. Furthermore, DIRECTV can do much more than supply the ultimate in home entertainment; it’s a great source for enhancing your business, too. Check it out and you’ll see why cable TV’s lineup falls flat in comparison.

Plus, with such a large variety of available packages, you really can find the perfect fit for your home and business.

Choose the best DIRECTV® plan for your Covina family:

  • FAMILY™ – 50+ channels
  • CHOICE™– 150+ channels
  • CHOICE XTRA™ – 210+ channels
  • CHOICE ULTIMATE™ – 225+ channels
  • PREMIER™ – 285+ channels

DIRECTV: the best business deal you can make

People will line up outside your restaurant and bar when word gets out that you’re showing the kind of sports coverage that’s only available with DIRECTV. If your office has a waiting room, there are several ways to entertain your customers to help them pass the time. DIRECTV even has programming for interoffice information and keeping your employees on track.

Call to speak with a representative about which of these DIRECTV packages is the right solution for your professional needs.


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